First-Year Students (or Freshmen)

If you currently have a TSI bar, you will not be able to register for classes. You must submit TSI scores or other exempting information before you attend Orientation.

How can I be exempt?

SAT and ACT scores may exempt you. University offices typically review SAT and ACT scores at the time of your admission. If you have ACT or SAT scores that can exempt you, you can email them a scan/screenshot of your scores to evaluate. Your full name must be present in all documentation provided. If your SAT or ACT scores did not exempt you, you may email universities a college transcript with the dual credit courses you have taken. They will evaluate your transcript and let you know if you qualify for an exemption.

I do not qualify for an exemption. What now?

If you do not have qualifying SAT or ACT scores, and you have not taken dual credit courses, you will need to take the TSI Assessment (TSIA). You will only be required to take the sections that you are not exempt in. Before you take the TSIA, you are required by law to take the Pre-Assessment Activity, which will familiarize you with the purpose and format of the test. You will not be allowed to take the TSIA if you have not completed the PAA. You will NOT be sent a testing voucher unless you have completed the pre-assessment activity in college.