What is YouScience?

In summary, the YouScience Assessment is a grouping of 11 different “brain games” which take anywhere between ~2-15 minutes each to complete. Each brain game assesses your proficiency in a specific aptitude or skill in order to gauge what your strengths are. The assessment also includes an interest survey to add complementary information to the results of the aptitude assessment. Grouping the results from both the aptitude test and the interest survey, the YouScience database suggests career options and professional pathways that best match your aptitudes and interests and in which you have the highest chance of being successful. There is an introductory flyer below as well.

The YouScience Assessment and its results will be important topics of discussion and exploration when you meet with your counselor to discuss what great opportunities and pathways await you after high school. Taking this assessment seriously can lead to meaningful discussions and help you make the right decisions such as choosing the right program of study and school after high school graduation which in turn saves you money, time, and effort in the long run.